Inquiring into How The World Works

Animals contribute to our lives in different ways.

The Foundation Inquirers are really excited about their new Unit of Inquiry of ‘How The World Works’ with the central idea of; ‘Animals contribute to our lives in different ways’. All students have been using their curiosity and asking questions to learn more about the world we live in. Using ‘Our Wondering Wall’; students were being great thinkers and displayed their questions with enthusiasm; ‘How do guide dogs help blind people walk?’, ‘How many eggs does a chicken lay in a day?’, ‘Do cows only give us milk?’

The Foundation Students unlocked key concepts of form, function and connection; and wanted to find their answers at The Bundoora Farm. Students learnt about how different animals on the farm contribute to our lives. Students participated in a farm tour, wildlife ride, gardening activity and an educational session on sheep.



We Are 100 Days Smarter

‘You have BRAINS in your HEAD. You have FEET in your SHOES. You can STEER yourself any DIRECTION you CHOOSE’ ~ Dr. Seuss

I am 100 days smarter

I am as clever as can be

We will celebrate together

But today is all about me

It is about how much I have grown

And about how much I know

It is about the things I have learned

And about what I can show

My time at school has been great so far

There are lots of days to come

So I will keep learning new things

And having lots of fun!


Congratulations to all Foundation students on their 100 Days of School celebration. It has been an amazing journey and we are looking forward to every new challenge that comes our way! We are risk-takers and we will continue to show that we will give everything a go!!!



Looking for Foundation Explorers travelling back in time!

On Tuesday 6th of June 2017, the curious Foundation Explorers wanted to seek an adventure and travel back in time. Their faces shinned with enthusiasm while they put their investigating shoes on to inquire into their central idea “Our lifestyles change across generations”. The Explorers buckled up in their time machine and was ready for take-off on their excursion to the Melbourne Museum to learn.

First stop: My Grandmother’s Toy Box:

The Explorers were being very respectful while unpacking a family trunk full of old toys that have been handed down through the generations. They were able to identify with playthings from different historical periods. The story introduced the explorers to the concept of change and continuity: how life was in the past and how it is different today. The story connected with families from different periods of Melbourne’s past and shows how every family is part of the broader historical narrative.


The Explorers loved going back in time so much, that they decided to go back in time a little further.

Hold on….

Next stop: Dinosaur Walk:

Putting on their archaeologist coats the risk-taking explorers discovered how prehistoric animals lived when they got up close with skeletons of dinosaurs, flying reptiles and giant extinct mammals. In the Dinosaur Walk exhibition, the explorers saw real dinosaur eggs, touch a real dinosaur thigh bone, walked alongside a long necked dinosaur and discovered what they all looked like when they were alive.

The independent explorers were so intrigued by what they saw, that they were beginning to wonder more and more about dinosaurs and their extinction…

All this travelling back in time needed a balance of sunshine, so the explorers put on their open-minded sunglasses and continued their adventure… Buckle up.

Next stop: Forest Secrets Gallery.

Discovering Victoria’s mountain forests the explorers stepped into a living fern gully complete with waterfall. Following the pathway to discover how water shapes the landscape and taking a close-up view of small fish, frogs and skinks.

Ahhhh the serenity… So peaceful.

The Explorers filled up their energy levels with Vitamin D and were ready to become scientists… They put on their caring gloves and were ready for the next adventure…

Are you ready?

Next stop: BUGS! BUGS! BUGS! Bugs Alive!

The Explorers became scientists when they examined the external features of real insects, spiders and other arthropods, using a hand lens to look up close at all bugs.

So close, that even they were shocked how they became apart of their habitat.

The explorers were asked if they wanted to be in a room full of over 600 mammals, being the confident explorers they were; they accepted this offer… They put on their co-operation socks and walked towards their next destination… Let’s go!

Next stop: Wild Gallery

Who would have thought seeing over 600 mammals, birds and reptiles from around the globe in the Wild exhibition would be so exciting and wonderful. The Explorers got up close and personal with some of the most beautiful animals from around the world.


Definitely dressed for the occasion the explorers had so much to see on their adventure at the Melbourne Museum. They were very excited to walk through; The Melbourne Story Gallery, Marine Life Gallery, and Dynamic Earth Gallery.

During this adventure the Foundation Explorers were being; risk-takers, open-minded, caring, enthusiastic, respectful, confident and principled travelers. It was time to hop back into the time machine and return back to 2017. Buckle up…. Here we come!

Stay tuned for our next adventure.


New Unit of Inquiry

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing things because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths”   Walt Disney

They might only be five years old but their curiosity is larger than life; The curious Foundation risk takers are sprinkling their enthusiasm into the new unit of inquiry where they will explore their wondering’s and use the Inquiry Cycle into the following;

Transdisciplinary theme: Where We Are in Place and Time

with the Central idea of: Our lifestyle changes across generations

We can’t wait to see where our wondering’s will take us….

Keep and eye out for us!


Grandparents are the footsteps to the future generations…

On Friday 25th of May, the Foundation stars warmly welcomed all grandparents into their classroom to share their learning journey. They showed co-operation and respect with all grandparents and communicated effectively with one another. It was beautiful to witness all grandparents and Foundation students celebrating their learning in an enthusiastic and caring way.

The Foundation Inquirers enjoy seeing all grandparents and parents in their classroom.

We would like to thank all grandparents and parents that came to see how much fun we have seeking our curiosity. We appreciate the time and effort you all put in to witness our journey….

Please come in to share our learning journey…..


The Learner Profile Song

On Friday the 10th of March the Foundation risk taking performers wanted to show the true Glenroy West attitude and demonstrate what type of learner they are. They worked together with a positive attitude where they showed respect, confidence, commitment, cooperation and sprinkled their enthusiasm for everyone to see.

  • If what I am is what’s in me, Then I’ll stay strong – that’s who I’ll be.
  • And I will always be the best “me” that I can be.
  • There’s only one me, I am it, Have a dream I’ll follow it
  • It’s up to me to try.
  • Oh! I’m a keep my head up high, Keep on reaching high
  • Never gonna quit, I’ll be getting stronger
  • And nothing’s gonna bring me down (NO!)
  • Never gonna stop, gotta go.
  • Because I know, I’ll be getting stronger!
  • And what I am is INQUIRER
  • What I am is THINKER
  • What I am is KNOWLEDGEABLE
  • And what I am is COMMUNICATOR
  • What I am is PRINCIPLED
  • What I am is SPECIAL
  • There’s nothing I can’t achieve.
  • Because in myself I believe in oh….
  • Gonna Keep our heads up high, Keep on reaching high
  • Never gonna quit, Just keep getting stronger.
  • And nothing’s gonna bring us down (NO!)
  • Never give it up, gotta go.
  • Because I know, I’ll be getting stronger.
  • What I am is CARING
  • What I am is BALANCED
  • What I am is RISK TAKER
  • What I am is REFLECTIVE
  • What you are is OPEN-MINDED
  • What you are is SPECIAL.
  • There’s nothing I can’t achieve.
  • Because in myself I believe in oh….
  • Gonna Keep our heads up high, Keep on reaching high
  • Never gonna quit, Just keep getting stronger.
  • Nothing’s gonna bring me down (NO!)
  • Never give it up, gotta go, oh… yeah….
  • Because I know, I’ll be getting STRONG-ER!

Foundation, 2017.


New Building- Same Risk Takers!

Hi Parents/carers and friends,

The Foundation Team have moved classrooms but we are still the same ‘RISK TAKERS’.

We have moved into Building B as a temporary measure until building works conclude in approximately three months. We are located at the end of the building in Room 10. No disruptions will occur to the teaching and learning programs as well as Specialist classes at any time. All areas will be contained and fenced to ensure the ‘safety’ of students and staff at all times.

Please come in and see our new learning area and happy place for the next few months.

 Middle Building – Building B

 Room 10

 Foundation A Entrance

 Foundation B Entrance

 Connecting A and B

We are excited for the renovation and can’t wait to move back!

Kindest regards,

Foundation Team